Argentinian training ship PRESIDENTE SARMIENTO in Boston 1915

Another Photos from the old photo album. (The photo was taken in Boston 1915)

ARA Presidente Sarmiento was a  training ship for the Argentine Navy. She is considered to be the last intact cruising training ship from the 1890s.

The ship was originally built for the Argentine naval academy. The ARA Presidente Sarmiento made thirty seven annual training cruises including six circumnavigations of the globe. The ship was retired as a seagoing vessel in 1938, but continued to serve as a stationary training ship until 1961. She is now maintained in her original 1898 appearance as a museum ship near the center of Buenos Aires. This ship was named for Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, the seventh President of Argentina.

In addition to its sailing rig this ship includes a large triple expansion steam engine supplied by two coal-fired boilers exhausting through the rear stack. An additional auxiliary boiler exhausting through the forward stack provides steam for other than propulsion, including two engines driving electrical generators on the main deck (below the weather deck).

A single coal bunker is positioned between the main and auxiliary boiler rooms

Namesake: Domingo Faustino Sarmiento
Builder: Laird Brothers, Birkenhead, England
Launched: 1897
Status: Museum Ship in Buenos Aires, Argentina
General characteristics
Class and type: Sail training ship
Displacement: 2750t
Length: 265ft/80.77m
Beam: 43.0ft/13.11m
Draught: 18.5ft/5.64m
Propulsion: Steam, 3-cylinder compound, 1000hp, ship rig

Postat av: Jean Baird

My father was a cadet in the australian navy based in Melbourne. When he passed away we found a book Fragata Escuela

"presidente Sarmiento' dated VIAJE XXV111 (1928)

this book was signed by an argentine naval Cadet

looks like Widilarfareuey The book has map of El 28 viaje de la "sarmiento"1928 and a mapof Republica Argentina and at the back music and words to Himno Nacional Argentino. We would like to know if this book is of any value to the museum

Yours sincerly Jean baird

2011-02-25 @ 14:15:38
Postat av: Anonym

Thankyou for your comments, but this book is of no value for me or the firm.

2011-02-25 @ 16:06:15
Postat av: factory coach outlet

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2011-03-23 @ 07:53:09

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