SMS VULKAN a 1 WW Submarine Depot and Salvage Ship

Some more finds in the old photoalbum. One of two build Submarine Depot and Salvage Ship for the Kaiserliche Marine in Germany. This one was build at Howaldtswerke in Kiel and completed 1908.
Displacement: 1,595 tons.
Dimensions:    230 x 55 x 10½ ft. (70,10 x 16,76 x 3,06 m)
Machinery:      2-shaft turbines, SHP: 1.340 = 12 knots
Complement:  105
Launched:       28/9 1907 at Howaldtswerke, Kiel, Germany.
Completed:     1908.
Notes:             Double hulled vessel designed for raising sunken submarines, with docking space 177 x 26 ft. 
                      Designed to raise 500 tons.
Fate:               26/4 1919 sunk en route to Harwich, England to surrender at 54,52 N & 06,18 E.

The wreck of SMS  Vulkan. was located with Salvage Vessel Friendship, in position 54° 52' 033" - 06° 18' 491", several miles off the position noted in the year it went to the bottom.
The famous U-boat ace Max Valentiner served as salvage officer on Vulkan in early 1911. On 17 January 1911, he and the crew saved all 30 men from U-3 by getting them out of the torpedo tube after it was sunk near Kiel harbour in Heikend orfer Bay because of an unclosed valve in the ventilation shaft.

Amongst the saved crew was Otto Weddigen, the later commander of U-9 and Paul Clarrendorf, the commander of U-boot-Abnahme-Kommando in Kiel which enlisted u-boat crews.Vulkan is also famous for salvaging two U-boats, U-30 on 27 August 1915 and UC-45 on 17 September 1917. Vulkan was taken out of service 11 November 1918 and surrendered to the British forces together with the bigger salvage ship, SMS Cyclop.

Ready to be launched


Fitting out

Fitting out


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