Sometimes you are lucky to find som gold in the antic shops, today I find a old Photo album with some very nice photos from the begining of the 1900. One of the photos (or several as you will see here) was the American Battleship BB 36 NEVADA. The first picture is from her fitting out at Fore River Ship Building Corp. Quincy, Mass. around 1912.
I will put in some more photos later when I have scaned all.

NEVADA    1911 Fore River Ship Building Corp, Quincy, Mass.     
Keel laid: 4.11.12
Launched: 11.7.14
Completed: 11.3.16
Atlantic Fleet. In 1917 temporarily used as training ship.
August to December 1918, stationed in Bantry Bay (Ireland) to protect Atlantic sea routes, then again  Atlantic Fleet.
17th September 1927 to 26th November 1929 conversion at Norfolk Navy Yard, then again with Atlantic Fleet, from 1930: Pacific Fleet. 7th December 1941 received one aerial torpedo and five bomb hits in Pearl Harbor, settled on the bottom in shallow water (50 men lost). Raised 12th February 1942, after temporary repairs in Pearl Harbor, restored and modernized at Puget Sound Navy Yard until the spring of 1943.
From 11th to 18th May 1943 participated in the Aleutianan operations, from june 1943 engaged on convoy escort duties between the USA and Britain. From 6th june 1944 off the Normandy coast to support the invasion, on that occasion shelled German tank concentrations at a range of 28 000 m. on 8th June 1944 and Cherbourg on 25th june 1944 (during this operation a total of 1216 14-in. and 3 531 5-in. shells were fired). From 15th to 25th August 1944 in the western Mediterranean to support the invasion of southern France (task: to defeat the heavily fortified ports of Toulon and Marseilles which were defended by German forces using amongst others the 15-in. QFG of French battleships).
Then returned to the USA, after replacing the worn-out 14-in. gun barrels, transferred to the Pacific; in action on 16th February to 7th March 1945 against Iwo Jima and from 25th March to 30th June 1945 against Okinawa (on that occasion hit on 27th March 1945 by Japanese kamikaze aircraft, no major damage; also hit by a coastal battery on 5th April 1945 when engaged on clearing up pockets of japanese resistance, slight damage).
From 10th July to 7th August 1945 fleet service in japanese home waters; then returned to Pearl Harbor, there decommissioned 30th October 1945.
Used as a target for the Bikini Atoll atom bomb tests: heavily damaged during test “Able” (1st July 1946) but remained afloat; only slight damage during test “Baker” (25th July 1946).
Then used as target and experimental vessel: remained afloat in spite of the ignition of an explosive charge, a near miss by a guided missile and bombardment by IOWA and cruisers ASTORIA, PASADENA and SPRINGFIELD, with 16-in., 6-in. and 5-in. QFG.
Sunk on 31st  July 1948 by an aerial torpedo.

Waiting for launch 11/7 1914


Ready for fitting out


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